Advantages Of Outsourcing To The HR Desk

Outsourcing to the HR Desk

Improving Strategy - At many small businesses, HR responsibility typically falls on the desk of the owner, office manager, or another employee with many job functions. By moving HR to the desk of a seasoned professional, you will ensure that you have experience working for you, and at the same time, free-up your time or your employees’ time to do what they do best.

Improving Service - By taking advantage of outsourced experience to manage all aspects of HR, you ensure that questions are answered correctly and in a timely fashion.

Reducing Cost - Through outsourcing, you save a substantial amount around salary, taxes, and benefits that you would otherwise be obligated to pay for a full time employee.

Consider the following example:

HR Generalist Base Median Salary for Connecticut

                  Benefit                            Median                    % of Total 

Base Salary $52,656 69.8%
Bonuses $1,020 1.4%
Social Security $4,106 5.4%
401k / 403b $1,932 2.6%
Disability $537 0.7%
Healthcare $5,722 7.6%
Pension $2,469 3.3%
Time Off $7,019 9.3%
Total $75,462 100%