Is It Time to Outsource Human Resources?

Is It Time to Outsource Human Resources

Most small-business owners know the frustration of spending more time than they want or should on non-revenue-generating activities. From payroll and human resource management to benefits and compensation, entrepreneurs can spend up to 40 percent of their precious day engaged in these necessary but time-sucking tasks.

The answer for many growing companies may be to hire one of the 700 professional employer organizations (PEOs) in the U.S. These companies become the legal employer of your ... read more

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  1. When a startup begins adding employees, one of the first tasks is developing an employee handbook to spell out HR policies and procedures; that task is often outsourced to a human resources consultancy, Vernon said. Developing some employee-related documents such as noncompete or confidentiality agreements requires the assistance of an attorney specializing in employment law.

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